Tag: Pendergast


  • Anastasia Elisa Pendergast

    The seventeen year old sister of Ian, Anastasia (or Anna) is quite literally a genius.  Talented in art, music, dance, math, language, and science, she excels at pretty much everything she tries.  Gifted with incredibly strong psychic …

  • Lisa Pendergast

    Unknown to either her son or daughter, Lisa Pendergast did have some modest magical talent when she was younger.  However, for unknown reasons, she has decided to turn away from her gifts and never look back or acknowledge that part of her life.

  • Robert Pendergast

    Heir to the Pendergast fortune, Robert Pendergast is married to Lisa Pendergast and the father of Ian and Anastasia.  A wealthy socialite, Robert and Lisa are often seen at city functions and charity dinners.