Ian Theodore Pendergast


High Concept: Warden of Philladelphia

Trouble: Torn Between Two Worlds


  • Playboy Billionaire
  • Appearance is Everything
  • Those Close to Me Get Hurt
  • Style is Key
  • Ice Water in my Viens


  • Thaumaturgy (-3)
  • Evocation (-3)
  • The Sight (-1)
  • Soul Gaze (0)
  • Refinement (-1)
  • Refinement (-1)


  • Honest Lies



Superb ( +5): Discipline, Resources

Great ( +4): Report, Lore

Good ( +3): Conviction, Weapons

Fair ( +2): Contacts, Driving, Scholarship, Athletics, Deceit

Average ( +1): Stealth, Presence, Alertness, Endurance, Empathy



Water: (Power +1)

Warding (Complexity +1)


Focus Items:

Water (Power +1 and Control +1) A gauntlet with a blue gem on it.

Wind (Control +2) A copper sphere with arcane markings.

-Warden Sword

-The Spare Key (Burglary to open doors +3) 1/Session

-The Reading Glasses (Past Viewing +3)

-Peacoat (Armor 1/Block 3) 3/Session

-Tuning Fork (Block 3 against Sound) 1/Session



Rote Spells

Mjollner: Weapon 4 at +6

Jotun's Cloak: Block 6/Armor 3, Duration 3 (3 Stress Hit)

Fenrir's Breath: 4 shifts power "frozen aspect", Duration 2

3 Fate Points From Last Session






Ian Pendergast is the son of Robert and Lisa Pendergast, and a member of one of the oldest and most influential families in Philadelphia.  Money being no object, Ian was sent to the finest schools available. At St. Andrew's Sacred Heart Preparatory School he met James Tao, and the two became fast friends.  Showing great signs of intelligence at a young age, Ian's parents always thought he was special; little did they realize how right they were.  When Ian's considerable magical talent started to manifest, his parents were unable to cope with the concept of magic existing, and sent their son off to a boarding school for such "unique children".  Here, under the guidance of the  White Council, Ian finished both his education and his apprenticeship as a Wizard.  Returning to Philadelphia to be closer to his sister, Ian in currently attending University of Pennsylvania, were he is working towards a PhD in the study of the Religions and Myths of Ancient cultures.  During field work in Africa, he met Professor Jean-Fazel bin Didier al-Assad, who has since become Ian's graduate advisor. 

 Though Ian may initially come across as a charismatic but somewhat aloof rich playboy, the truth is he puts others before himself and spends most of his time as Philadelphia's warden trying to protect the city from supernatural threats.  Never knowing when its in his own self interest to not get involved, he is invariably drawn into conflicts where is is in over his head. No matter how overwhelming a situation might be though, Ian has a talent for keeping a cool head and analyzing the conflict. Ian drives a highly customized white Lotus Exige, with a newer frame placed on top of an older chassis. Due to his magical talent, the family mechanic is often repairing it.  A talented fencer, Ian practices regularly and often enters competitions, and carries a warden sword that is styled as a rapier. When using magic, Ian favors Ice and Lightning magic, and excels at wards and defensive magic.

Ian Theodore Pendergast

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