Frank Trent


Level: Up To The Waist
Motivation: To fulfill his potential as a complete caster

FATE Points: 1 refresh

High Concept: Firefighting Wizard’s Apprentice
Trouble: Forgive Me, My Ghostly Confessor
“Greater Things… than are Dreamt of Our Philosophy”
Pulp Truth and the Hard-boiled Way
Can You Stand For Your Duties?

Superb (5): Conviction, Endurance
Great (4): Alertness, Empathy
Good (3): Athletics, Discipline, Weapons
Fair (2): Investigation, Driving, Might, Rapport
Average (1): Contacts, Fists, Lore, Resources, Stealth

Fireproof: You have a natural armor score of 2 against fire.
Medic! We Need a Medic: You can use Empathy instead of Scholarship to perform basic first aid.
Person of Conviction: You may use Conviction instead of Presence to determine your social stress capacity.

Evocation (fire, air, spirit) [-3]
—Fire spec: 4 to control and complexity
Thaumaturgy (ectomancy) [-3]
The Sight [-1]
Soul Gaze [zero]
Wizard’s Constitution [zero]
Ghost Speak [-1]

Focus Items:
Enchanted firefighter’s ax (plus 1 to offensive fire control and power)
—weapon 2
“Grant thee rest”, a bag of grave dirt (plus 1 to offensive and defensive spirit control)

Rote Spells:
Put Out the Light (redirect existing flames into a fireball attack)
—weapon 4; tied to focus item



Frank Trent

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