Dresden Files: Philadelphia

Chapter 5: Broken on the Shore


When the proverbial smoke clears, JF says goodbye to Felicienne and Lysander transports her back to the house. In the mean time, Ian approaches Valentin, and purchases his services in taking out Jack Moore and his vampires. He accepts, since he was contracted to do that anyways.

Everyone piles into Ian’s new/old car and heads over to the crypt they found earlier. They arrive at the graveyard and enter the crypt. Ian evokes a light effect and James and Valentin turn on their flashlights. Bodies of normal-looking people are strewn down the hall, among them is Mikhail Vostrovsky. They turn the corner and find the three Wardens led by Yardley. The Wardens inform Ian that Jack Moore had already left for the Liberty Bell, and that they should head over there immediately. They get in their cars and book it.

Ian, James, Valentin, and JF pull up around the back of the Liberty Bell House, and enter the battle. Black Court Vampires and Renfields are throwing themselves at the groups of Lorraine Vampires and hired muscle defending the House. This attack was a distraction, for JF and Valentin spot Roy Stanson surrounded by a cloud of mist, the other Black Court Vampires. Roy stays outside to cause more of a distraction while Railey and Jack Moore slip inside through a vent. Moore pins the Bellkeep to the ceiling with magic and a shard of the Liberty Bell. A fight ensues: Ian dispels the hold on the Bellkeep, and Valentin blows a hole in Railey’s face with some of Roy’s party mix. The Bellkeep disrupts Jack Moore’s concentration, and he tells everyone to run. They do, and all the warden’s meet up to form a shield, which protects everyone from the blast of energy from the ritual.

James Tao is spent, and succumbs to the infection and goes for a knocked out Renfield. Valentin nearly shoots him, but JF stops him. One of the other Wardens also tries to stop James, but he is stopped by Warden Yardley, who notices that Ian is going for him with his Warden sword. James begins to feed, and begins transforming. Ian decapitates him with the sword.Everyone goes their separate ways.

Valentin calls Lysander, and exchanges the boon that he gave to JF for an appearance change. He takes the form of his father when he was Valentin’s age.

JF heads back to his home, and spends his last night with Felicienne. They fall asleep together, and Lysander comes to take JF at first light. Felicienne never hears a thing.

Ian heads home, and makes arrangements for James’ funeral. A few days later, they hold the funeral, which Valentin attends. He approaches Ian after the service, and he reveals that he got an appearance change, but is still Valentin as he knows him. They nod in understanding, and promise to keep in touch.



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