Masjid al-Tarhib

 The Idea

Mosque that's been in Center City since the 1980s

 The Aspect

 Welcome and Protect All Innocents

The Face

Imam Hassan Hamid


 The Masjid al-Tarhib (lit. "Welcome Mosque") has been in Philadelphia's Center City since the mid 1980s. The aging Imam has, over the years, done his best to keep the Mosque a place where people of all faiths feel welcome to participate in community service and other activities. Since the 9/11 attacks, it has occasionally been the target of vandalism, but the Imam has held his head high and things have gotten better as of late.

Since it is the closest Mosque to  UPenn, it has long served as Professor Jean-Fazel bin Didier al-Assad's go-to when he feels a crisis of faith or morals coming on.

Warden Pendergast used the Mosque and the Imam to perform a ritual to destroy The Journal of Viktor Grigori.

Masjid al-Tarhib

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