The Seal of Solomon

The Ring of King Solomon


Known to grant at least the following powers:

Ghost Speaker

Marked by Power (the ring itself is a mark of supernatural authority)

Greater Glamours, or their equivalent


It is a bronze ring with the Seal of King Solomon imprinted on it. It grants the wearer the ability to communicate with and see ghosts and other spirits, as well as a limited capacity to command their magic to create illusions and manipulate ectoplasm. It is a supernatural badge of authority. The ability to exert dominance over spirits and speak with animals, as in the tale, has not yet been observed – these could have been byproducts of Solomon's intrinsic authority. However, they may just require unlocking by a sufficiently powerful ringbearer. The Seal seems to have a will of its own.

It is currently in the possession  of Myron Munsen, who found it in his late mother's collection of antique jewelry

When it is in use, it glows a faint blue and may cause its wearer's eyes to do the same, especially to those with the Sight.

The Seal of Solomon

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