Malk, leader of The Strays


High Concept: Leader of The Strays (Malk)


Rimepaw is a fat, white malk with icy blue eyes. He most often appears as a white Maine coon when skulking in Philadelphia's alleys. Though he prefers to not get his hands dirty and most often lets the rest of The Strays keep their eyes on the Summer Court for him, Rimepaw is more than capable of handling his own, having shown that he is capable of a fair bit of Unseelie magic. When he does handle problems on his own, he is notorious for doing so in a cruel manner, even for a Winter Fae. Rimepaw may be among the ranks of the Sidhe, but if so, he does not advertise this.

Though he only answers to The Fair Lady, Rimepaw generally receives her orders, if with disdain, through Elias Morgan.




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