Unsubtly Destructive Black Court Vampire


High Concept: Black Court British Commando

Other Aspects: A Few Screws Loose, BFG, Monologuing Habit, Destroyed Eye


Few know where the Black Court Vampire known as Rayleigh came from, but a thorough enough perusal of old police reports would reveal that the first stories of his existance coincide with the disappearance of one Staff Sergeant Elliot Rayleigh, decorated World War II British Commando.

What is known by most of the supernatural community is that he is a particularly strong, skilled Black Court Vampire who is equally at home destroying someone's mind with his psychic powers or their body with his "Bren Mk3":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bren_light_machine_gun (that he wields like a machine pistol). A British accent, megalomaniacal rants and wanton destruction are his trademarks. Rayleigh's insanity might be funny were it not for his superior competence and cold, sociopathic demeanor.

The extent of his relation to Old Jack Moore is as of yet unknown, although the two have been spotted together at Laurel Hill Cemetery on occasion.


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