James Tao



Name: James Tao
Aliases : Ken Lee, Frank Drebben

High Concept: Blue Uniform, Red Veins
Trouble: Jonesin’ for a Fix
Background: I Got a Mouth on Me
Rising Conflict: No Child Left Behind
The Story: Don’t I Know You?
Guest Starring: The Law is a Guideline
Guest Redux: In Too Deep

Superb: Contacts, Rapport
Great: Empathy, Deceit
Good:Burglary, Presence
Fair: Investigation, Guns
Average: Fists, Conviction, Discipline, Alertness, Stealth, Endurance, Driving

Powers and Stunts:
Addictive Saliva [-1]
Blood Drinker [-1]
Feeding Dependency 1]*
Inhuman Speed [-2]*
Inhuman Toughness[-2]*
The Catch [
1] is holy stuff
Tattoos of St. Giles[-2]
Personal Magnetism [-1]
Pin the Tail [-1]
Best Foot Forward [-1]


James Tao was born on the wrong side of Philadelphia. He managed to fight his way out of his neighborhood and even found himself at a nice prep school. James always struggled to fit in and made few friends. Eventually he would meet Ian Pendergast. Ian proved to be the only friend that James would meet in his time above his economic caste. Their friendship would endure and prove to be the most meaningful relationship in James’ life. James eventually found himself drawn to the work of a police officer. He felt he could help his old neighborhood and do some right in this world. Then, the infection. James had been infected by a red court vampire. This only added to the laundry list of problems for James. Every day was a challenge as he wrestled with his new curse, his heroin addiction, and his hidden homosexuality. James was transferred to the Sheriff’s Department because of his new condition. James relied heavily on Ian for support during this time. And a little bit on heroin. James was partnered with another James, a James Cassidy. Other James turned out to be an amazing influence in James Tao’s life. But proved not enough. James fell back into many patterns that he always found himself drawn to. When a case came up that demanded supernatural assistance, James turned to Ian. This would prove to be their last adventure together. At the end, James succumbed to the power of the infection. As he fed, he turned around and looked his best friend for the last time. All that James Tao was, was no longer. Ian saw the cold empty shell that used to be his friend. And with a swift chop, the tragic and tortured life of James Tao came to an end.

James Tao

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