Anastasia Elisa Pendergast

Ian Pendergast's Sister



High Concept:  Uncontrollable Pyschic Genius

Trouble:  Everyone Wants to Use Me for my Powers

-Daughter of the Pendergasts

-That looks easy

-I'm an emotional wreck

-I can count on Ian


The seventeen year old sister of Ian, Anastasia (or Anna) is quite literally a genius.  Talented in art, music, dance, math, language, and science, she excels at pretty much everything she tries.  Gifted with incredibly strong psychic abilities, she is neither fully aware or in control of her powers, which include precognition, telepathy, and telekinesis.  These talents leave her in a fragile emotional state though, as she is constantly bombarded by emotions and thoughts that are not her own, and they make her a tempting target for many powerful supernatural organizations.  Having been the victim of more than one successful kidnapping attempt, it falls upon Ian's shoulders to rescue his sister.  Since neither of their parents recognize the existence of magic, Anastasia and Ian are very close, and Ian is extremely protective of his little sister.

Anastasia Elisa Pendergast

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