Alan Tryst

Comically Pessimistic and Depressed White Court Vampire


High Concept:  Black Sheep of the Tryst Family

Trouble:  Never Fully Satisfied


The Glass is a 1/4 Empty

Let's Start With Your Mother

Really, What's the Point of it All?



The black sheep of The Tryst Family, Alan was disgusted by the way that the Tryst Family fed.  Looking for ways to feed his demon that wouldn't kill his victims, Alan became a counselor.  By feeding a bit at a time on his patient's woes and concerns, Alan is able to sustain himself without risking the lives of any of his victims.  Being around so much despair has taken a toll on Alan though, and walks the line of being clinically depressed himself.  Though the first to point out the hopelessness of a situation or to look at things in a negative light, Ian Pendergast has found him to be a reliable ally on more than one occasion. 

Alan Tryst

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