Dresden Files: Philadelphia

Chapter 4: Leagues Under

Not all of us are coming back up.

The al-Assad Condo: After realizing that his wife has been kidnapped by the Winter Court, JF receives a phone call from someone who seems to be a messenger on their behalf. He does not ask the caller's name, only where to meet to negotiate. The caller says that he will speak to JF at the fundraiser. JF hangs up. Ian, to cover his bases an avoid letting JF get distracted (as they must destroy the book), uses a tracking spell on Felicienne's hairbrush, but sees that the tracking is scrambled. He tell's JF as much, and they agree to go to the Mosque to prepare the ritual. Ian asks if the Imam is a faithful man, and JF says that he is unconventional, but as far as he knows, he's a true believer.

On the Road: Valentin and James go first to Fairmount Park to retrieve Valentin and JF's things. Valentin sends James into the park, as the Fae will not recognize him. James sees a homeless man wearing what he believes are JF's clothes, chases him down, wrestles him, and gets him to give the clothes back at gunpoint. They toss all the supplies from both cars into Valentin's car and go drop the Geo off at James's place.



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