Dresden Files: Philadelphia

Chapter 1: Up to Our Necks...

..or through someone else's.

  • Ian returns home where his sister Anastasia warns him of a powerful and impending evil on Philadelphia.
  • (Flashback to earlier that morning)
  • Jean-Fazel wakes up and goes through morning routine.
  • His wife Felicienne returns home, and presses Jean about having a baby.
  • JF offers to discuss it later that night and walks to work.
  • Upon arriving at his office at UPenn he sees an invitation on his desk that reads "Care of Cheesesteak? -Lysander"
  • Lysander with Rusty and Ozark in tow discuss Jean-Fazel’s debt to Lysander and his plans for an immpending attack by The Summer Court on the The Winter Court. Lysander says “There will be an attack on The Winter Court, and you will be a part of it.”
  • Attacking JF’s ego Lysander goads him into fighting 3 malks who are spying on them in exchange for a boon from him.
  • JF bests the Malks, receives the boon, and heads back to his office.
  • JF calls the home of a graduate student of his Ian Pendergast. Only to hear form his sister he has left for the Benjamin Franklin Institute. JF walks to the Institute and meets with Ian to discuss his late paper.
  • The pair head back to UPenn and Jean-Fazel’s office where they share more detailed information on their mornings.
  • (Flashback several hours)
  • The bartender of The Wild Rose Bar Mike Williams was killed last night after the bar closed. Investigation on the scene reveals evidence of superhuman strength and safe under the bar is empty. On he body Tao finds two different bits of hair that do not belong to the victim. He bags most of it, but keeps a few strands of it.
  • Deputy Tao questions the bars owner Jacob Greenly. He learns that the safe contained a journal of a certain Viktor Grigori and that Greenly had purchased the journal from Shylock Nguyen.
  • Tao goes to Shylock’s Used Car’s and questions him. He learns that Shylock revcieved the book from a contact named Max Williams out of NYC and believing he had been fleeced he quickly sold it to Greenly.
  • In over his head with “spooky shit” as it is, he seeks out his childhood friend Ian Pendergast.
  • After calling Ian’s home and learning he was at the Ben Franklin Institute. Cassidy drops him off he discovers Ian had gone to the university campus.
  • Arriving at the Faculty Offices Tao bumps into Professor Robert Tanner who upon learning he knows Ian pushes him for information on Ian’s possibly paranormal nature.
  • Tao arrives at JF’s office and the three compare notes. Ian preforms a tracking spell on one of the hair samples and they set out in search of the book. The spell grounds out simply pointing him east.
  • JF returns home to get his car. His wife confronts him again about having a child and leaves JF Wracked with Guilt. “…you’d make good father.”
  • JF arrives at Independence Hall and Ian recasts his tracking spell this time with enough power to cross the Delaware river.
  • The spell leads them into Camden, New Jersey.
  • Tao questions JF’s ability to fight which prompts JF to find a way to prove his might.
  • Meanwhile Ian follows the spell to a Howard Johnson’s seeing that the others haven’t arrived he grabs his sword.
  • Jean-Fazel in lion form attacks a group of thugs in the midst of a drug deal. In the ensuing chaos one man is shot. JF drags the man out onto the sidewalk, Tao calls the police, and the two leave the scene.
  • As that transpired Ian approaches room 214 to discover the door and window are warded. Raises a shield spell and using his warden sword he dispels the ward. As he opens the door two barrels of buckshot hit his shield from a rig tied to the door. He hears a man fall down in the bathroom. he finds Mikhail Vostrovsky with a towel around his waist. While questioning him Roy Stanson arrives.
  • Roy reveals he killed the bartender to get the book and is having Mikhail translate it to confirm it’s real at which point he will turn it over to Warden Yardly.
  • As JF and Tao arrive Ian spots a glint of a sniper’s scope on an adjacent rooftop and quickly shuts and wards the door. He uses the hotel phone to call James but the phone is hexed before the situation could be fully explained.
  • JF and Tao go across the street to a gas station bathroom so JF can wash the blood off himself.
  • JF spots the sniper and he and James move into positions. JF brings his car around back and climbs on top of the roof. James walks beneath the awning where the sniper can’t see him. JF slowly creeps up on the sniper.
  • Meanwhile Ian and Roy have made a plan, Roy gives Ian the book and runs out with a shield raised and Mikhail in tow. As he leaves the door under fire Ian discovers he’s been given a decoy book. “Sorry, Prettyboy but you cramp my style.” He makes it to his jeep and he and Mikhail escape.
  • Ian throws the broken phone through the window breaking the ward and setting off the fire spell trapped inside it. The motel catches flame and the sniper is distracted. Tao opens fire from below but is unable to get a clear shot. Then JF pounces the sniper never knew what hit him and is knocked unconscious.
  • The trio regroups and decides to take the sniper to the Pendergast home to be questioned.
  • On the way to Ian’s home Tao nearly gives into feeding on the sniper after seeing the blood on his shirt, JF snaps him out of it.
  • Ian enters through the front door where his parents ambush (figuratively) asking him what hes been doing all day. He manages to end the conversation with the promise to attend the fundraiser at UPenn with them the following night and the surprise that JF will be over for dinner.
  • JF and Tao sneak the sniper in through a side entrance. After being interrogated the sniper reveals his name is Sam and he was hired by Ivan Tryst head of The Tryst Family of White Court Vampires.
  • JF remembers his promise to have dinner with Felicienne and must leave. James rides with him in order to take Sam down to the station. Ian gets ready for dinner. There are only 30 minutes left before nightfall.



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